Decorative Wall Shelves, Hooks & Corner Shelves

Often times the appearance of your home depends upon the arrangement and placement of your things. Most of the time people concentrate on the décor of their homes, but forget that arranging stuff you own in a certain manner also matter that much. You may have the most expensive or elegant of the décor items that one could buy off but if not placed strategically, they may end up ruining the look of your home. You may not want everything you own on display, but sometimes it is actually good to put up a show. Wall shelves might play an important role if you are even thinking of putting up a little of a show.

DIY shelves are easy to build, classy by look, and easy to detach and remodel as well. You can reuse old stuff or buy old and discarded items at cheaper prices to build a new set of DIY wall shelves for your home. You can use these handmade shelves for any part of your home, say kitchen, living room, kids room, bedroom, and even your bathrooms. The shelves can either be used as a storage facility or simply as a means to add some décor to a blank wall. You would be surprised at the amount of work you can get with these simple do-it-yourselfers.

The floating wall shelves idea is quite a good one, especially for your kitchen. These shelves are easy to build and you can get a chance to display the delicate and beautiful crockery you own. It also makes it easier to store your daily cookery items neatly and in a handy manner. You can use reclaimed wood to create shelves on a wall in different patterns, such as a honey comb pattern. These shelves can be used to store wine bottles or any other stuff you might want to put on display.


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