Small Living Room Design Ideas

If you stay in small houses or in apartments where space is a major concern, and are in the process of staging your rooms, here is a post that will help you choose the right kind of furnishings, lighting and accessories that are a must to be included when planning for renovating small living rooms. A small living area, like any other room can look good only if you are a little innovative and have a creative bent of mind. Living room decor ideas for small living spaces are a little different than others as space is the main criterion here. How would you know which small living room decor idea to adopt and what to chuck? Well, wear your glasses and start reading the post!

Small living rooms can be made to look equally beautiful like other spacious rooms in your house provided you take care not to clutter up too much. Excessive cluttering creates a congested feel and mars the beauty of a room. Seen in the image is a small living room that looks elegant with minimalist decoration and usage of light accents throughout, like on the couches, walls, curtains and the flooring.

If you reside in a home that has a Small living rooms, do not despair as you can now style it up using a combo of various colors. The living room seen below gets its inspiration from small living room decor ideas that imbibe lots of colors to gel with each other. The light colored walls look good against the brightly adorned white couch with colorful cushions. The wall behind the couch is painted using eclectic yellow tone that helps in giving a dazzling touch to the whole living area.

Acrylic or Lucite finished coffee tables are the perfect choice when thinking of staging your small living area. Most small living room decor ideas speak of using such trendy looking clear waterfall tables that seem to capture no space at all. In fact these look as if floating in thin air and offer a good contrast with various other colors splashed all around the room. The small area of this living room has been decorated meticulously with acrylic coffee tables that on a closer look become rather visible to the naked eye. Such tables help in creating an illusion of space and are a must to be included when styling a small room.


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