Practical Extra Long Shower Curtains As Sleek Divider

Thinking about curtain that is heavy and long, we would think that extra-long shower curtain will give the cluttered look in bathroom. It will be like that especially the small bathroom. But you will change your perception if you see these shower curtains. If you have the bathroom in your beach home, you should take a look at this white curtain that is set along the bath tub. White is the right color to make it looks brighter. White tile flooring will fit well with white bathroom interior color.
Seeing this white bathroom facing the waterfront site, we would be impressed with the sleek organization of the extra-long shower curtain liners that make the bathroom looks cleaner. Minimalist bathroom like this needs the sleek and clean impression. Long curtain should not make the bathroom interior looks cluttered and dull. The bath tub with grey tile wall will look chic with white curtain in long size. Recessed lighting radiating white light makes the bathroom looks even sleeker and simpler.
The right application of the long curtain can also be seen from this white monochromatic bathroom. The tile wall used as the bathroom wall accent makes the bathroom interior shinier. Fresh decoration such as green plants can be placed as the bathroom centerpiece and can be the natural decoration. Vintage bathroom with white color looks alluring with this cream windows curtain in long size. The curtain covers the large glass windows and giving more privacy to the bathroom interior.
Eclectic style is displayed by this bathroom interior design in white as the main color. The bold color accent is given by the bath tub lower part. Long curtain is set along the bath tub giving the classy and elegant look of this bath tub area. Extra-long fabric shower curtain can give the classy look in the modern bathroom interior.

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