Best ideas about Swimming Pool Designs

Lounging by the pool and taking a nice dip now and then can really make summer the best part of the year. Of course, it’s not often anymore that you find a plain, rectangular pool in the backyard. Most backyards have been designed around more interesting Pool Design Ideas. If you’re looking to dress up your pool, whether for a specific occasion or for a permanent design element, consider these 51 backyard pool designs and ideas that can really add character and intrigue to your pool, as well as to your entire landscape

Something that adds pizzazz to any pool is lighting. Install underwater lighting for a fluorescent glow. This not only adds atmosphere and intrigue to any existing or new pool. It also makes even backyard pool designs for small yards seem larger and deeper. Consider multicolored lights that change with a timer or randomizer to keep the party rolling through the day and night.

Installation of an Pool Design Ideas can be a big project, while an above ground pool is a somewhat less involved renovation. Like this one, you can get creative with the design and turn your entire design into a showcase. Learn what it’s like for your goldfish, swimming in a literal human-proportioned tank. You could even have decorative plants and rocks put in the corners!

People have gotten more creative with the shapes of Pool Design Ideas for small yards. Rather than settling for a rectangle or the popular kidney shape, consider designing something that is meaningful to you. This violin shaped pool probably belongs to someone who loves music, plays the instrument, or frequents orchestral performances. Take advantage of a renovation to create a design that’s after your own heart.

Who says you have to stay at home to enjoy your backyard pool? Create an oasis that reflects a tropical villa in your own yard, allowing you to lounge in the Bahamas while enjoying the Pool Design Ideas in private, at your own home. Tiki torches can double to reduce the bother of insects, and the umbrella offers shade during the hottest and brightest hours of a summer day.


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