Living Rooms With Skylights

Living rooms are essentially the heart of any home – they’re the place where everyone goes out to relax, let loose and enjoy some quality family time. Living rooms with skylights are an uncommon but completely extinct species. Most of the time, a living room is in the middle fo the house, where though there are windows, there isn’t quite room for a skylight. But contemporary style living rooms now come with a number of unique installments that gives the user a newer perspective on the space and the ambience.

The concept of living rooms with skylights is not quite taking the world by storm, but it is definitely uncanny enough to guarantee a second look. A layman would describe a regular skylight as an opening in the ceiling that lets in natural light and views. It is the direct decedent of the renaissance cupola, but with a lot of modern flair. The basic body of a skylight is mostly steel structure and clear glass, and they seem to make a living room seem more glamorous.

Today, we will be looking at some amazing living rooms with skylights.

The rooftop skylight is located directly in the middle of the room, and often becomes the focal point of attraction. Most of the living room furniture is arranged around this skylight, which lets in natural light like an organic spotlight most of the times.

Of course there are various ways to design a skylight, and one of those include paneling the entire ceiling of the living room to retrofit a large, ceiling style sky light. This one makes it seem like there is no roof above, but the greenhouse effect during the summer heat could become quite enhanced.

Pitched roofs are decidedly stylish, and when you incorporate them into a fun contemporary interior, they can be even more alluring. A pitched living room skylight is a window of glass that is fixed into the pitch of the ceiling to let in an abundance of sunlight and natural views.


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