Living Room Mirrors Design Ideas & Remodel Pictures

If you are looking for awesome living room decorating ideas using mirrors, here we are! Today, we would throw some light on how one can decorate his or her living rooms with ornamental mirrors. Mirrors can help reflect the true essence of your home and come in plenty of designs and shapes. You can now improve the way your living areas look when you embellish the walls with decorative mirrors. Enjoy!

Below are showcased gorgeous living room decorating ideas using ornamental mirrors in various styles. Mirrors in golden accents can lend a touch of opulence to your room’s decor. The golden framed mirrors come in different textures like contemporary, traditional or vintage.

The golden chunky round mirror seen fixed on the wall in image one adds speckles of oomph to the interiors. The style is protruding and the circumference is made of four layers of chunky golden design. If this is too heavy for your taste, try to go for sunburst styles that look very classy. These come in different styles to suit contemporary or traditional decor. You can choose from these stunning mirror ideas and see the transformation happening!

Among other metallic tones, the silver accents is one of the most popular. You can pick gorgeous looking wall mirrors in pure silver tones. Or, else, choose such designs that offer you eclectic combinations in other colors too. For example, try adorning the wall with stainless steel framed silver mirror. You can also pick up large wall mirrors for living room in silver.

Note that in the first picture, the living room’s accented wall is beautified with a silver mirror in rectangular shape, though, it looks like an elongated form of a hexagon. It looks stylish and is a perfect way to add shimmer to a modern interior. Silver is a popular choice for mirror frames but if you are not too much into shimmer, then try going for oxidized silver frames.


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