Creative Ideas for Living Room With Seating

Living rooms, as we have mentioned many times, are the most important places in a house. These are the places where we welcome guests and spend quality time with friends and family. As such, these areas must never be ignored when one thinks of redoing or staging the house. A home’s decor would seem incomplete if a living room hasn’t been styled at par with other places in the house. When we speak of decorating living rooms, we must mention about living room seating that occupies a vital place as a room will be considered incomplete if there aren’t any proper seating arrangements. The post today will cover the top 15 creative living room seating ideas that range from simple minimalist designs to colorful seating concepts, some of which have never been seen earlier.

Chakkis are very fashionable accessories that are being widely used by people the world over for a chic look for their living rooms. These have an Indian origin and are basically derived from the wooden chakkis that are used as tools to grind wheat. The outer appearance of the rims is similar to a chakki but it looks more like an extended version of a Turkish ottoman. The white carved chakkis seen below add a chutzpah to the whole white decor of the room with their smooth printed fabrics plastered on top. The best part about using these chakkis when styling your living room seating is that these are portable and suit any type of decor.

The latest living room ideas and trends call for bringing innovative changes to your living rooms. Seating is a primary feature that is thought about when planning for designing homes and now days, one can hear a lot about Sake poufs being marketed everywhere. Poufs are like ottomans but are a little more flamboyant and stylish in design. The poufs seen in the image are trendy in design and can be used in a number of ways like a coffee table, a stool on the terrace or many others. The design is such that it fits seamlessly in any type of decor. With a white main base, the poufs come in colors of beige and grey.


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