Make Your Kitchen Color and Fresh

When was the last time you took a good look at your kitchen decor?  Since we’re in the kitchen so often, it’s easy to take its design for granted. If you haven’t updated your kitchen for a while, maybe it’s time for something new.

One of the biggest ways to make a splash in the kitchen is by adding color. Check out these creative kitchen ideas for adding color to an often overlooked room.

Wild Walls

Perhaps the easiest way to bring color to your kitchen is to paint the walls. One or two bold colors can instantly transform your space for just the cost of a few cans of paint.

Colorful Cabinets

Don’t forget about your kitchen cabinets!  Many people think they must stick to the basics when it comes to cabinets, but don’t limit yourself to white or wood. Your cabinets make up most of the wall space in your kitchen, and they are the perfect place to inject some color into your home. More example of green kitchen ideas.

Dark blue cabinets is understated but bold.Remember, you don’t have to rip out your cabinets and install new ones to get color in your kitchen.  Most cabinets can be painted, so why not go for a colorful, new look?  If your cabinets are plain wood, you can go big with a bold, colorful pattern.

Monochromatic Magic

If you’re looking to unify your color choices, go monochromatic.  Choose one color you absolutely love, then bring the full range of shades and tints into your kitchen. Immerse yourself in color without being overwhelmed.

This blue kitchen brings together several different shades into a lovely, unified presentation. From the sky blue floors to the subtly shaded stools, the design carries color throughout. Check out the different shades of blue in the tiles.


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