Indoor Herbs Garden Creative Ideas

Herbs are really easy to maintain and the fact that you can actually nurture an indoor herbs garden from where you can pick a few herbs everyday to add perfect flavors to your nicest meals just makes them all the more inevitable. If you love to cook and if you love brilliant home decor then a DIY indoor herb garden can be just the right addition to your interiors. Let us check some classic and easy indoor herb garden ideas.

Mason jars are absolutely in vogue and there is no scope for the mason jar fetish to fade away any time soon. So, when it comes to incredible DIY projects, mason jars are the first things I can think of. You can grow herbs indoor in mason jars. You can have a subtle indoor hanging garden on a wall by fixing a few mason jars and planting them with herbs like oregano, rosemary and cilantro. You can put holes for water drainage or in case you don’t have that facility then make sure you do not over water the plants.

Go creatively classic with old bottles. This DIY project is really adorable and functional as well. It can be a wonderful way to reuse old bottles. Just like mason jars you can hang herb planted bottles on a wall or cut two litre bottles and make them stand with the neck at the bottom. Place these half cut bottles on a wooden slab. Then you can plant your favorite herbs in them. The mouth of the bottle will provide drainage and you will have an effortless DIY indoor herb garden at home.


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