Delicate Shower Curtain In Colorful Motives

One of the important elements of decorating bathroom interior is determining how the shower curtain will be. The motives should be in interesting motives and the colorful patterns to give the lively accents in the bathroom space. The example is the minimalist bathroom having wooden flooring. It has the bright look with the white interior wall and the glass windows. Green bath tub looks perfect with white curtains that are set with white curtain rail, too. The other curtain color that is in white and yellow accents makes the bedroom looks softer.

More colorful look is displayed by the green color variation on this simple curtain. This green color accent makes the bathroom having white interior theme looks fresher. Elegant look is shown by the curtain in darker color and in longer size. The hanging lamp is installed in set mode making the bathroom looks even classier. Shower curtain sets can be combined with different elements and decoration such as the lamps and the other centerpieces.

When pattern becomes your favorite thing on bathroom curtains, you should take a look at this curtain in contemporary motives. The motives will be very suitable for monochromatic bathroom interior. Lighter color such as orange makes the bathroom looks more cheerful. When it is combined with the other interior decoration in the similar color tone, your bathroom interior will be livelier. Sophisticated look is presented by this bathroom with orange curtain and decoration.

When your bathroom and the bedroom are only separated by curtain, you should employ the longer curtain. It will look perfect in solid color such as grey or the other dark neutral color. This curtain should be adjusted with the bed covers and the interior theme. Heavy and bold curtain in white can also be perfect to separate the bath tub with the vanity space. Shower curtain ideas will make your bathroom looks more enchanting with the right patterns and colors


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